Protection Insurance

Allow us to work with you to make sure the most important people in your life and your most important asset is correctly protected

Protecting what is most important

The NGI team are passionate about ensuring you have the right insurance in place to keep you protected from potential risks such as critical illness or redundancy. At no stage can we predict when this might happen, but being able to prepare you just in case, is something we take very seriously.

Our approach is not one of mass comparison to offer you the cheapest possible cover, we are very much focussed on a consultative and personalised approach. We will assess every case on an individual basis, researching the most suitable options to find an insurance policy which is right for you, based on your lifestyle, occupation and family circumstances.

Allow us to work with you to get the most suitable protection insurance.

Additional areas you should be aware of

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is created so that family members are protected should a tragedy happen resulting in death. Policies are designed so that you receive a lump sum or regular income to ensure your family are fully protected with no financial worries. The insurance can help with covering mortgage payments, household bills or child-care costs.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness is often overlooked but in reality, it is astonishing how many people actually need it. Taking out a policy means that, should you be diagnosed with a critical illness, any financial burdens will be massively reduced as items such as mortgage payments, loss of income, care and treatment or costs of recuperation can be covered.

Income Protection Insurance

Having income protection ensures you are safe in the knowledge that should you be unable to work due to injury or illness then you will still be in a position to cover your monthly outgoings. Items such as bills, general living expenses or mortgage payments will be paid out on a monthly basis, up until the point that you are able to return to work.

Free initial consultation

There is no quick solution to finding you the right insurance, just time and research. That is why the first initial consultation is always at our cost. For more information please call us on 01993 706403.