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Residential Mortgage Case Study

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Residential Mortgage

Historically, obtaining a residential mortgage when you are self-employed, has always been a complicated process. Which is exactly what Eric Marshall found when he was in need of some expert advice to purchase a house in Witney. He found a company who completed an initial assessment with him however, after a few days they informed him that that his application had been declined, with little explanation as to why. This left Eric at a crossroads, not knowing which direction to turn. It was then that someone recommended that he speak with Maria Morris and Michael Alberts at NGI Residential where he had a completely different experience.

The Process

When Eric first approached NGI he knew immediately that he was in safe hands. “I met with Michael who undertook a very comprehensive factfind exercise and then went away to understand why my initial mortgage application had been declined. His commitment in establishing what the initial problems were, why the previous company failed and how he could rectify the situation was incredible. He collected all of the necessary information for a new application and then ‘micro- managed’ the entire process, leaving me stress free.”

The Challenge

Eric explains, “being self- employed and running 2 businesses with a complex operating structure can be challenging. It also makes personal accounting somewhat complicated but the NGI team knew exactly how to handle my situation. They took time to evaluate my needs and then came up with a financial plan that ticked all of the boxes and ultimately allowed me to purchase the property I desired.”

The Results

Eric continues, “In total the mortgage process took no longer than 3-months. I had to complete a small amount of paperwork and the NGI team completed the rest. Through e-mails and telephone calls I was kept completely up to date with the entire process and could not have asked for a better customer experience. They are such a professional firm to deal with, they have extensive knowledge and are far superior to other providers that I have previously worked with.”