Second Charge Mortgage

Second Charge Mortgages | Raising Finance | Consolidate Unsecured Debt | Finance for Paying Credit Card
Second Charge Mortgages
Second Charge Mortgages 1024 576 NGI Residential Mortgages

If you are looking for finance but are struggling to get funding from your current lender, have you considered a…

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Thinking Time | Financial Planning for 2020 | Finance for Home Extension | Second Charge Mortgage | Mortgage For New Home
Thinking Time
Thinking Time 1024 576 NGI Residential Mortgages

Now that the excitement of Christmas Day and Boxing Day has passed, it’s not unusual to find yourself in a…

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Re-mortgage for Home Improvements | Funding for House Extension | House Extension Mortgage | Second Charge Mortgage | Home Equity Release
Re-mortgage for home improvements
Re-mortgage for home improvements 1024 576 NGI Residential Mortgages

The housing market has seen a real shift over the last few years, with people choosing to stay put and…

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