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The ideal time to buy

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Traditionally Spring has been postulated as the ideal time to purchase a new property. With flowers coming into bloom, more daylight hours and the change in weather, more sellers enter the market, offering a greater variety for buyers. However, on the downside spring tends to be a seller’s market as so many people are looking for their new home and so prices may not be the cheapest.

Summer evokes memories on long, hot days, picnics, gardening and holidays which means that buyers are not likely to want to go house hunting. This lack of demand though means that sellers are keen to make their properties look as attractive as possible and that includes the price!

Winter usually means that sellers think buyers will not want to buy. The weather is grey and miserable, making houses look less enticing, not to mention Christmas to budget for and demands on people’s time as they prepare for the festive season. This also means however, that as a buyer you have more negotiating power as there are fewer buyers looking.

Essentially there is no ‘ideal time’ to buy a new property as each season comes with its own pros and cons. Depending whether variety or price is more important, this will dictate what time of year will work best for you.